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C&C is a leading CCTV manufacturer and a global supplier of advanced video surveillance solutions. C&C is committed to providing its customers with expert technical advice and support in addition to products that are developed and tested for professional applications.

Our R&D center has accumulated extensive knowledge of CCTV technologies. This knowledge has enabled C&C to develop a broad range of innovative CCTV products from high-grade fiber optic transmission products to sophisticated IP surveillance solutions and Analog cameras. These solutions include analog cameras and IP cameras, fiber optic transceivers and IP video servers, and powerful Matrix systems to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of today's video surveillance applications.

C&C has earned a brand name in manufacturing and supplying of CCTV quality innovative products. At C&C, we believe our business is a people business. And we demonstrate this every day with our edge cutting technology products. Our commitment to excellence in materials and workmanship shows in the smallest details of every job.

C&C offers a wide range of Cameras to fit virtually any security application - especially demanding situa designed to capture crisp, detailed images in almost any lighting condition, indoors and outdoors. Our products are uniquely engineered to provide ceaseless performance thus resulting in complete customer satisfaction.

We bring together the passion for quality and security. Where each of its models are launched after rigorous Research & Development by the Tech cell of C&C, India. From retail to public spaces, special events to offices, airports to homes, the C&C product range has solutions for every application.

Manufactured under strict quality control in accordance with International Security Standards, our products are a symbol of Reliability, Performance and Aesthetics. Our cutting-edge, userfriendly technology adds immensely to the credibility of our products and makes us the pioneers in the field of security and surveillance. Security experts rely on C&C to complement the service they provide to their clients. Uniquely designed to blend into their environment, our products provide flawless performance which is cost effective as well as reliable. We cater to various fields like banking, public security, and energy resources, intelligent-building and intelligent transportation.

Our focus is on market expansion, evolving our overseas customer base and improving brand credit and reputation. We constantly upgrade our products and services for our customers so that they are always up-to-date with the latest technological advancements in the security and surveillance sector.

Our products range CCTV Cameras, Digital Video Recorders, and Special Digital Video Recorders to Network Video Recorders like Mobile Digital Video Recorders, Compression Cards and IP cameras. We maintain best-in-class pre-sales and pro-sales services to keep our customers satisfied. We also offer services with customized features and provide professional security and surveillance system solutions to meet various customer demands.

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